The significance of Om (AUM)


  • Om is the most famous mantra in Hindhu, Buddism and YOGA traditions and has become an unofficial Yoga logo.
  • Om is typically chanted three times at the start and end of a Yoga class
  • Om has 3 syllables – AUM (aaaaauuuuummmmm)
  • Om is a sound vibration the same frequency as the Universe
  • Chanting Om helps us connect to our Yoga practice on a deeper level, tuning into the sound of the Universe and acknowledging our connection to all living things
  • The Om sound vibrations also have a physical effect on the body slowing the nervous system and calming the mind

om meaning

AUM stands for the supreme Reality,
It is a symbol for what was, what is,
And what shall be. AUM represents also
What lies beyond, Past, present and future.

[Quote: The Mandukya Upanishad]PV825-Yoga-Om-Aum-Symbol-Mantra-Sanskrit

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