Yoga Practice for Lent 2017 – Week 3

Yoga is not just about the physical practice… Patanjalis Yoga Sutras are ‘threads’ of great wisdom written around 4000 years ago but still valid in todays world to help to bring us inner peace. This might be the hardest of the ‘Yoga for Lent’ practice but the consideration of these two sutras could prove helpful in keeping a peaceful mind in your daily life!

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Book 2:33 – Change a negative thought into a positive thought

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Book 1:33 – (translation by Alistair Shearer)

The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated:
Friendliness toward the joyful
Compassion toward the suffering
Happiness toward the pure and
Understanding toward the impure

So…Patanjali advices for our peace of mind; to be friendly when you meet a happy person, have compassion for anyone who is suffering, be happy for those who are virtuous  and have understanding for those who are wicked. This will prevent unwanted thoughts and  emotions disturbing our inner peace.

Physical and breath practice this week – continue with the breathing practice from week 1/2 and the Earth or Sun Salutations.  Additional postures to build up core and shoulder strength  are the Plank or forearm plank, and Plank pose lowering to Chataranga Dhandasana  – (our pose of the week!) using a prop such as a block or a cushion if needed. Remember watch the elbows! hug them to the ribs to protect the shoulders.  To build up shoulder strength start from plank, lowering knees then chest then chin.   this is a nice article I have just found and it includes some of the teaching points for Chataranga Dhandasana from class.


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