Yoga Practice for Lent 2017 – Week 4

This weeks practice is based on Patanjalis Yoga Sutra Isvara Pranidanam and the 5th Niyama.

Isvara according to Yoga thinking translates to supreme cosmic consciousness (Purusha) the divine force that is within us all. It translates to “God” for Hindhus.

Pranidanam translates to devotion.

Ancient Yogis would devote their lives to meditation and some would sit for many hour at a time meditating, some even with one arm raised in the air as a sign of their devotion and dedication.

This week you could devote your practice to someone….

Vrkshasana – Tree Pose – The pose to add to your practice this week! Benefits of this asana: increases stability and strengthens ankles calves and thighs, also stretches legs, groin and chest muscles.

Since ancient times Yogis made the forest their favourite place for Yoga practice, the trees were their home providing shelter and food in the form of nuts, seed and fruit and many spiritual traditions took place under a tree.


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