Yoga Practice for Lent 2017 – Week 6

As we come to the 6th week of our Yoga for Lent practice hopefully we have made some space in our lives for our daily practice whether it has just been 5 minutes of breathing a few sun salutations or maybe half an hour of practice we have made that space in our life.

This week’s theme is Space…. Yoga creates space in our body, space in breath, in our mind and space in our lives

Yoga is all about space….

Space in the room…… on the mat…. space in our bodies…. space in our breath……space in our minds….

Starting with the Breath…. We have a natural space in our breath… the natural ‘pause’ Khumbaka the ‘space’ between the inhale and exhale that we have been working on extending last week with the Savitrri rhythmic pranayama practice. We create a space in our bodies when we breathe; space in the chest, ribs and tummy and also in the back of our bodies. This space changes when we practice different asanas; notice the difference in forward bending, backward bending side bending and twisting asanas.

Create space in the mind – during our practice some space is created by quieting the monkey mind, giving us a release from thoughts and worries even if just for a moment!

So this week:
Continue to create space in your life for your Yoga practice
Create space in your breath
Create space in your body
Create space in your mind

However, allow some space for changes sometimes we might have certain expectations but every day is different as you are evolving and progressing – allow the space for flexibility in your practice and in your life. listen to your body and have an open mind to find room for change and creativity

Pose of the week – Practice Natarajasana the dancer pose which can help create space in the spine, hip flexors and shoulders and by the focus and concentration necessary create some space in the mind. Also this asana strengthens the legs and ankles and improves the balance.

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