Q: Don’t you have to be really flexible to do Yoga? I don’t think I am flexible enough for all that.

A:  Not at all – Yoga will help you to become more flexible over time.  Many beginners have bodies that may start out with a limited range of movement.  this is often due to participating in other sports such as running and gym work.  You will quickly see progress as Yoga complements other sporting activities helping to prevent injuries.

Q: Am I a bit old for all that now?

A: People have successfully taken up Yoga for the first time in their 60’s 70’s and beyond, with dramatic improvements in mobility, flexibility and balance – its never too late to start!

Q: I have a medical condition / injury ….. so will I be able to do it?

A: That depends.  I am trained to teach modifications to the practice that can help people with specific issues work within their own capabilities. Please contact me if you have any specific issues you would like to discuss.

Q: What shall I wear?

A: It is best to wear something comfortable.  Practice is generally done barefoot and most people choose to wear leggings/tracksuit bottoms/long shorts and a sports top or T-shirt.  You may also want to bring another layer to put on during relaxation to keep warm.